Bespoke Bottom Beaters for Adult Fun


Handmade from leather and sometimes including wood to make things right.

No product replication. All one off.

Bespoke and can be made to your requirements. Call and discuss you needs. Total discretion at all times.

Prices vary with each item so please ask . If it is to be bespoke to you, I may only be able to give a guide price

Email Tel 07741 275 788

Some of these items are sold already so it is better to contact me to find out if your choice is still available. As my products are totally individual and will not be repeated exactly I will endeavour to make something similar or better. So let me know what you would like and I will try to make it for you. For example, the Black Flogger further down the page was sold on the second day of me making it. I am now working on another one along these lines.

A few held in stock but all individual in design. I have created canes for comfort, (for the holder) to provide ease of use and accuracy. Glazed and Natural finish.

I use Kooboo and Dragon canes so your choice . Overall length approx 30 to 32 inches. Diameter 9mm to 11mm approximately, as natural materials they will vary.

I now have a new cane called Tohiti which is very robust and is usually 14mm thick and I do these in 32 inch lengths. these have a beautiful smooth surface and a pale gold colour.

I carry a small stock of the straight canes that I will use to develop and create interesting handles or grips. It is from this stock that I can also supply you from, should you be looking to buy some as "ordinary" canes. If required I can supply these with a high Quality Yacht varnish on for that extra smooth glossy look.

The Kooboo Canes are £15.00 . Tohiti and Dragon are both £28.00

These will be supplied and posted to you in re-usable end capped cardboard tubes so it looks as though you are carry posters. P/P is £5.00 in the UK

An exciting new cane to me. This could be called a Sword Stick as the larger version is used for that purpose in Japan. Called"Tohiti", it has some flexibility and is very strong. There is a smooth textured surface with a warm glow to it. This one has been given a 10 inch Strong suede textured soft grip handle with a good sized loop wrist strap made from round brown cow hide. The blade is 24 inches long with a 13mm to 14mm gauge. A sturdy cane for the larger bottom but can be used gently to give a sting in the tail.

Five more canes of distinction. One with a tough suede Russet coloured Hand stitched handle Dragon 11mm cane.

The other Dragon is a Blood red Suede Dragon 9mm and lethal. Flexible and light to handle.

Three Kooboo 11mm to 12 mm Canes with Padded Blood red Strong Suede handles.

Sexy Black Leather handled Dragon Cane. Cross Stitched leather handle with Wrist strap. 12mm gauge and 32 inches long.

A sturdy cane with the Classic qualities found in a Dragon cane. £38.00 with Carrying tube. P/P £5.00

Leather Flogger made from top surface hide. Handle wrapped and cross stitched with the same quality hide, all in sexy gloss black.

Falls are 3 mm wide, 44mm long and 1mm thick, so light weight and none damaging. The bound stock is 300mm and 40mm thick with a highly varnished shaped end to maintain that swivelling, swinging action. A joy to use with its sturdy grip.

New item. FLIPFLOGGER. Four loop Falls made from Antique dyed round cut cowhide. 21 inches long and 4mm thick. Mounted on a slim flowing sculpted high gloss 11 inch by 3/4 inch handle with an inter joining soft leather gaiter hand cross stitched for added flexibility and to take up any shock.

Lightweight but effective. The long falls swing well and the rounded ends leave interesting patterns . Due to its design, this flogger can be used with a deft wrist swinging action to achieve full effect, so giving the applicator the chance to rest the arm and shoulder from stress, as can occur when using the heavier standard type of multi thonged flogger.

As can be expected the rounded falls cannot cut or break the skin in the same way a square cut flogger fall can.

Tawse and straps, belts and paddles. Leather and sometimes leather and wood. Your choice and our design. All hand sewn, hand cut and tooled. No high tech equipment just hands and hard work. Care , love and commitment to make the best product for you. And I have to say, remarkably inexpensive for expensive materials.

Attractive flexible strap with bolstered handle for a better controlled and more comfortable grip.Medium weight and if applied properly will give a satisfying sting. A useful length of 17 inches or 43mm, the blade 12 inches , 31mm. All in a pleasant Aubergine colour. Fits neatly into a briefcase for that special business travel.

Lightweight and fairly long double sided. One with patterned suede and soft the other gloss leather with studs. One side to threaten the other side to enjoy!!